soul bradda™, the man, mentor and movement, born as ward s. mitchell jr., has created soul bradda as his artistic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual platform for sharing life from a perspective different than most.

this soul bradda movement is his life mission and true purpose. by expressing through his affirmations, quotes, poetry, imagery, audio/video podcasting, blogging, writing, coaching and philanthropy work, he aims to be that beacon of positivity and encouragement we all need to keep our souls nourished while we navigate and conquer this life. he is a leader and visionary, but more importantly a friend that you need in your journey, who not only says what it right, but does what is right always.

aloha, howzit and welcome today. your interest is very much appreciated. feel free to contact soul bradda anytime should you have question and remember to always stay soul full, soul real and soul ready!