you know it is wrong but do it any way – but why? to live a true and godly life, means that you have to do what is right not just when people are looking, but when they are not as well. you have to have self-awareness and self-discipline to refrain from the temptations that life brings us. you have to walk in the light on the path less traveled.

listen in to what i feel it takes to stay on the straight-and-narrow and catch yourself from back sliding. understand that while god did send his son jesus to die for the sins, at some point it is not right to keep committing the sins you know you are committing. you need to finally decide to do what is pure and right, and walk in his image and not in hypocriticalities. because if you are living a two-faced life, will not get into those pearly gates, being a person of god and true self, with your true character, will be the only way and ticket to get you to and through those pearly gates!