gone too soon

kids should never go before us, that is the unwritten rule. but sometimes, just sometimes, they do and when they do, it hurts. why though? only the lord knows. during such a difficult time, we must press on and find solace among not only ourselves, but the memories the departed has given us to glorify their memory for their loved ones left behind to keep on keepin’ on.

recently, a young man that i had the pleasure of getting to know by the name of etric. i watched etric grow up as a teenager, took him under my wing and mentored him. etric earned his wings this week, which has been very difficult to wrap my head around. his death was sudden this week and has shaken up a lot of us from the small kansas community (newton) where we all once/still do lived and knew etric from.

it has been a sad and rough week for many of us but we must keep our eyes up, because etric is looking down on us wanting to crack jokes and get on with things (yall already know đŸ˜‰ . my condolences and love though go out to the jones and sears families – you know i love yall and am here for you always. myself and others lives were touched by etric in some way, so we must continue to keep his memory burning bright for his family and us all.

this podcast is dedicated to my lil bradda “e” (etric) and sharing how and why we must cherish our loved ones (young and old) today, not tomorrow. tell them that we love them not just now, but always, hold them close, enjoy life, laugh and love. tomorrow is not promised, but we have today…

and to my lil bradda etric, from big bro to lil bro – i miss and love you – rest in heaven and you already know that this is never good bye, but a hui hou… 🤙🏾

gone too soon by soul bradda